Irene Jade  graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2014, with a First in BA Theatre Design. She now lives and designs from her base in Manchester.

She enjoys designing for new writing and being part of the research and development process for shows.

Irene’s work has a bold, graphic  style, with an emphasis on character. She enjoys creating playful and transformative worlds for the characters to inhabit. 

Folow me :     @irenejadedesign

Folow me : @irenejadedesign



FIRST TIME TOUR - Nathaniel Hall and Dibby Theatre

INFLUENCE - Leeds Playhouse



May 2019 Drawing the Line - Set and Costume Design (Hidden Track Theatre Co, The Albany, Deptford)

May 2019 Same Same Different - Set and Costume Design (Naomi Sumner, Brush Stroke Order)

February 2019 If all the World were Paper - Set and Costume Design (Big Window Theatre Company)

February 2019 Put Big Light On - Designer (The Lowry Learning and Engagement, in collaboration with Walk The Plank)

January 2019 Antarctica - Set and Costume Design (Laura Bowler, Manchester Camerata, HOME Theatre)

December 2018 First Time - Set and Costume Design (Dibby Theatre and Nathanial Hall, Waterside Arts Centre)

November 2018 O Go My Man and The Memory of Water - Set and Costume Designer (ALRA North)

September 2018 When Did You Stop Dancing? - Costume Designer and Maker (What a Little Bird Told Me)

July 2018 Dr and Mrs Chadwick - Set and Costume Designer (Chadwick Charity , Bolton)

June 2018 Lena Logged Off - Design Assistant (Bolton Octagon Academy Show)

May 2018 The Break of Day - Set and Costume Designer (Manchester School of Theatre, HOME Theatre )

April 2018 Stan R&D Sharing - Set and Costume Designer (Art with Heart)

March 2018 The Changing Room - Set and Costume Designer (The Lowry Young Company)

February 2018 Man of Mode - Set and Costume Designer (Manchester School of Theatre, HOME Theatre) 

January 2018 Pulse - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre) 

November 2017 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Set and Costume Designer (ALRA North) 

November 2017  Zoetrope - Set and Costume Designer (West Yorkshire Playhouse) 

October 2017  What I Felt Whilst Under You - Set and Costume Designer (Wonderhouse Theatre) 

June 2017 Standard:Elite - Set and Costume Designer (Hidden Track Theatre) 

February- April 2017 Zero for the Young Dudes - Set and Costume Designer (The Lowry Young Company) 

February 2017 Constellations - Set and Costume Designer (Wonderhouse Theatre, Hope Mill Theatre)

December 2016 The Christmas Truce - Set and Costume Designer (Northern Rep, 53 Two)

December 2016 Etta and Me - Maker (Oldham Youth Theatre)

November 2016 The First Fall of Snow - Costume Designer (Oldham Youth Theatre)

October 2016 On the Shoulders of Giants - Designer and Maker (Oldham Council, Manchester)

September 2016 Slingshot - Event Designer (Islington Mill, Manchester) 

September 2016 Sans Merci - Set and Costume Designer (Play with Fire Productions)

August 2016 To Walk In Your Shoes - Set and Costume Designer (Red Bobble Theatre)

June 2016 The Cherished Isle - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre)

May 2016 Dreamspeaker - Costume Designer and Maker (Knaive Theatre)

May 2016 The Maids -  Set and Costume Designer (Square Peg Theatre)

February 2016 Storm - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre Company) 

February 2016 Enveloped in Velvet - Set and Costume Designer (Basic Space Festival, Ransack Theatre Company)

January 2016 Orphans - Set and Costume Designer (Play with Fire Productions)

September 2015 Enveloped in Velvet - Set and Costume Designer (Ransack Theatre Company)

August 2015 Codswallop - Emerging Creative (Departure Point, Theatre Delicatessen)

August 2015 Basimah and The Bazaar - Emerging Creative (Bamboozle Theatre)

July 2015 Roseacre - Set and Costume Designer (Square Peg Theatre)

March- May 2015 A Crack in Time - Design Intern (Dragon Breath Theatre)

March 2015- May 2015 Along The Riverbank - Design Assistant (Bamboozle Theatre)

March 2015 One Finger, One Thumb - Design Assistant (Designer- Nettie Scriven, Big Window Theatre Company)

September 2014 Butterfly - Set and Costume Designer (Northern Nomads Theatre)

July 2014 Seesaw - Design Assistant (Designer Verity Quinn, Unicorn Theatre)

March 2014 Arabian Nights - Set and Costume Designer (Black Box Youth Theatre Company)

May-March 2013 Inside Out of Mind - Design Assistant (Designer Nettie Scriven, Meeting Ground Theatre Company)

May-March 2013 Shiny - Design Assistant (Designer Nettie Scriven, Turned on its Head Dance Company)

December 2012 Rainbow Stories - Designer, Maker and Performer (Waverley Theatre, Nottingham Trent University)

January 2011 Laminated - Design Assistant (Designer Laura Cordery, Shooting Fish Theatre Company) 


Workshop CV


August 2017 Model Making Chairs (The Lowry Open Day) 

April 2017 Up-cycling Costumes- Workshop Leader (Oldham Theatre Workshop) 

November 2016, Dark Fairytales Costume Workshop - Workshop Leader (The Grand Theatre Blackpool)

May 2016 Journey to Harmony - Workshop Artist (Play Foundation, Austria)

March 2015 Junk Puppets - Workshop Leader (World Book Day, Nottingham City Library)

October 2014 Ignite Futures - Workshop Artist (East Midlands Libraries)

September 2013 East African Playgrounds - Playground Builder & Arts and Play Facilitator (East African Playgrounds, Uganda)

December 2012 Two Little Boys - Workshop Assistant (Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham)

May 2011 Kevin Harrison Sculpture - Workshop Assistant (Great Ormond Street Hospital)

2011 Wildworks - Workshop Assistant (Derbyshire Schools) 


Event CV

2016 Visual Architects - Freelance Seamstress

March 2015 Bamboozle Charity Gala -  Event Assistant

2014-2015 Presentation Design Services - Freelance Seamstress

November 2014 The Society of British Theatre Designers - Event Admin

May 2014 Bread and Circus BA Theatre Design exhibition - Head of Event Identity & Catalogue Design