Irene Jade is a Set and Costume Designer based in the North West. She graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2014, with a First in BA Theatre Design. 

Irene views her designs as playgrounds for the performer. Irene’s work has a bold, graphic  style, with an emphasis on character. She enjoys creating playful and transformative worlds for the characters to inhabit. 

Zoetrope West Yorkshire Playhouse Theatre Designer




February 2017 Man of Mode - Set and Costume Designer (Manchester School of Theatre, HOME) 

January 2017 Pulse - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre) 

November 2017 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Set and Costume Designer (ALRA North) 

November 2017  Zoetrope - Set and Costume Designer (West Yorkshire Playhouse) 

October 2017  What I Felt Whilst Under You - Set and Costume Designer (Wonderhouse Theatre) 

June 2017 Standard:Elite - Set and Costume Designer (Hidden Track Theatre) 

February- April 2017 Zero for the Young Dudes - Set and Costume Designer (The Lowry Young Company) 

February 2017 Constellations - Set and Costume Designer (Wonderhouse Theatre, Hope Mill Theatre)

December 2016 The Christmas Truce - Set and Costume Designer (Northern Rep, 53 Two)

December 2016 Etta and Me - Maker (Oldham Youth Theatre)

November 2016 The First Fall of Snow - Costume Designer (Oldham Youth Theatre)

October 2016 On the Shoulders of Giants - Designer and Maker (Oldham Council, Manchester)

September 2016 Slingshot - Event Designer (Islington Mill, Manchester) 

September 2016 Sans Merci - Set and Costume Designer (Play with Fire Productions)

August 2016 To Walk In Your Shoes - Set and Costume Designer (Red Bobble Theatre)

June 2016 The Cherished Isle - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre)

May 2016 Dreamspeaker - Costume Designer and Maker (Knaive Theatre)

May 2016 The Maids -  Set and Costume Designer (Square Peg Theatre)

February 2016 Storm - Set and Costume Designer (Bamboozle Theatre Company) 

February 2016 Enveloped in Velvet - Set and Costume Designer (Basic Space Festival, Ransack Theatre Company)

January 2016 Orphans - Set and Costume Designer (Play with Fire Productions)

September 2015 Enveloped in Velvet - Set and Costume Designer (Ransack Theatre Company)

August 2015 Codswallop - Emerging Creative (Departure Point, Theatre Delicatessen)

August 2015 Basimah and The Bazaar - Emerging Creative (Bamboozle Theatre)

July 2015 Roseacre - Set and Costume Designer (Square Peg Theatre)

March- May 2015 A Crack in Time - Design Intern (Dragon Breath Theatre)

March 2015- May 2015 Along The Riverbank - Design Assistant (Bamboozle Theatre)

March 2015 One Finger, One Thumb - Design Assistant (Designer- Nettie Scriven, Big Window Theatre Company)

September 2014 Butterfly - Set and Costume Designer (Northern Nomads Theatre)

July 2014 Seesaw - Design Assistant (Designer Verity Quinn, Unicorn Theatre)

March 2014 Arabian Nights - Set and Costume Designer (Black Box Youth Theatre Company)

May-March 2013 Inside Out of Mind - Design Assistant (Designer Nettie Scriven, Meeting Ground Theatre Company)

May-March 2013 Shiny - Design Assistant (Designer Nettie Scriven, Turned on its Head Dance Company)

December 2012 Rainbow Stories - Designer, Maker and Performer (Waverley Theatre, Nottingham Trent University)

January 2011 Laminated - Design Assistant (Designer Laura Cordery, Shooting Fish Theatre Company) 



August 2017 Model Making Chairs (The Lowry Open Day) 

April 2017 Up-cycling Costumes- Workshop Leader (Oldham Theatre Workshop) 

November 2016, Dark Fairytales Costume Workshop - Workshop Leader (The Grand Theatre Blackpool)

May 2016 Journey to Harmony - Workshop Artist (Play Foundation, Austria)

March 2015 Junk Puppets - Workshop Leader (World Book Day, Nottingham City Library)

October 2014 Ignite Futures - Workshop Artist (East Midlands Libraries)

September 2013 East African Playgrounds - Playground Builder & Arts and Play Facilitator (East African Playgrounds, Uganda)

December 2012 Two Little Boys - Workshop Assistant (Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham)

May 2011 Kevin Harrison Sculpture - Workshop Assistant (Great Ormond Street Hospital)

2011 Wildworks - Workshop Assistant (Derbyshire Schools) 



2016 Visual Architects - Freelance Seamstress

March 2015 Bamboozle Charity Gala -  Event Assistant

2014-2015 Presentation Design Services - Freelance Seamstress

November 2014 The Society of British Theatre Designers - Event Admin

May 2014 Bread and Circus BA Theatre Design exhibition - Head of Event Identity & Catalogue Design